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What's on TCG Expo Liverpool

TCG Tournaments

Pokemon Victory Road

One Piece Regional

Digimon Regional

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MTG RCQ (Modern)

Lorcana Core Constructed

Lorcana Starter Deck Battles

Ultimate Championships

BSS Grand Open
($25k Prize Pool)

DBS Super Combo Clash

About TCG Expo UK

Welcome to TCG Expo UK, the ultimate destination for trading card game enthusiasts in the United Kingdom. Ran by Organized Play Events, we are dedicated to organizing thrilling and immersive trading card game shows across the nation.

At TCG Expo UK, we bring together a vast network of vendors from all corners of the UK, creating a bustling marketplace where collectors and players can buy and sell trading cards for their favorite games. Our events cater to a wide range of passionate individuals, with a focus on popular and beloved trading card games!

Unlike any other card shows in the UK, TCG Expo UK brings together players and collectors! At TCG Expo UK, we take pride in curating an extensive array of tournaments for the biggest and most beloved trading card games. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting your TCG journey, our event offers a diverse range of competitions to suit all skill levels and interests. From classic favorites like Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Magic the Gathering to newer sensations like One Piece and Lorcana, we've got something for every TCG enthusiast. Be sure to check out our tournament page for information on all tournaments being ran at TCG Expo UK!

Our mission is to provide an unparalleled experience for trading card game enthusiasts. Whether you are searching for that elusive rare card to complete your collection or looking to expand your gameplay options, our shows offer a treasure trove of opportunities. 

For Players

We aim to bring as many TCG Tournaments to the TCG Expo as we can, we often run events for the following games, and constantly looking to add more.

For Collectors

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Whilst the specific TCGs themselves are limited to what our Vendors bring, you can expect to see a healthy amount of all sorts of TCGs like these ones.

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