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TCG Expo Liverpool
Apply Now!

Do you sell a wide variety of TCG Products?

Do you have unique and interesting accessories for sale?

Do you have binders full of Singles on offer to players?

Do you sell unique, rare or vintage trading cards?

Do you have graded cards for sale?

Do you buy singles or bulk from players?

Do you get boxes of the latest sets for various games?

If Yes, then we want you! Being a TCG Exclusive event, there will be a lot of crossover between Vendors - especially for sealed product. If you can offer Singles, Rare/Old Cards, Graded Cards or Rare Product then that will help you to stand out as an excellent vendor!

  • 1 - 4 Tables - £200 Each (Full Weekend)

  • Premium Space Half Section 

        (5 tables) £1,000 for both days

All prices are excluding VAT

Each Table is 6ft x 2.5ft and includes 2 chairs and 2 dealer passes.

Please supply your own shelves, display cases, branding banners and promotional material.

Vendors may also purchase power, internet and display case rental for their booth. For more info please contact us at

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