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What is this event?

This is an event aimed at TCG Players, Collectors and Sellers. It will bring together multiple shops and sellers from across the UK and act as a hub for people to peruse all things TCG!

I haven't heard of you before?

Rightfully so, this is a new event. But that doesn't mean it's amateur. TCG Expo UK is being ran by Organized Play Events who have decades of experience in the TCG circuit, and are now expanding their events schedule to include TCG Expo UK!

Can I bring my kids?

Of course! Whilst a large number of TCGs are aimed at teenagers and adults, there are also plenty that include children such as Pokémon, Lorcana and more! You're welcome to bring your children to experience the event with you! We do ask all children are supervised at all times, as there will be lots of rare and expensive cards on sale.

Children Under 12 enter FREE with a valid Expo ticket,

One Child per Adult ticket!

Do I need to buy an expo ticket, if I'm playing in a tournament?

No! Your entry is covered by your tournament ticket! You do not need to buy an additional expo ticket to gain entry. Any spectators you bring with you may need to though if they are not competing themselves.

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